Video Brochures for Education and Training Employees

Video Brochures for Education and Training Employees

The term "Video Brochure" scratches only the surface of what can be achieved with this amazing new technology built into any gift box. Video technology is minimizing the time and money for employers to professionally train and educate their employees. Training employees is typically a complex process for many companies, consisting of paperwork, sessions and sometimes requires travel and a decent amount of time.

According to a recent study, approximately 80% of human learning requires visual material. People grasp better if it's presented to them rather than reading it themselves.

With the help of blank video brochures, employers can easily offer training materials to their employees remotely with no travel required. Start from scratch to create a comprehensive product tailored to the needs of each employee or department. One of the important benefits of using this technology is that it can be easily edited and updated as required.

Below are some helpful suggestions for how employers can use video technology to train their employees:

  • Sales or New Product Training - Video brochures can provide new sales or new product information to your employees remotely. It combines engaging video and useful information which can be taken home or mailed to those working from other locations.
  • Company Updates - You can relay event information, policy changes, or industry-related updates to your team promptly.
  • Motivational Material – Share comradery and moral support among employees with the help of fun and motivational videos.
  • New Employee Introduction & Training - Introduce your employees to the company rules and policies with the help of video brochures. You no longer need to spend an entire day or days in an orientation seminar. A video brochure can instead be given to the employee to watch at their desk, while working remote, or at their leisure. 

Video brochures certainly don't replace the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings and gatherings but DO provide a nice alternative when face-to-face isn't possible. This past year especially, employers heavily relied on video brochures and similar products to train and stay in communication with remote employees.

InstAVizion proudly builds various video brochures and postcards with responsive and unrivaled service. Ready to get started on your custom video project? Get in touch with us now! 

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