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Looking to Grab Someone’s Attention? 

Break through the noise with InstaVizion, the simple & affordable solution that grabs viewers by the eyeballs and gets your video into their hands instantly. 

We’ve been adding video screens to printed marketing materials and promotional items for almost a decade. Now, InstaVizion offers an easy, fast turnaround and affordable video solution for short run projects. 

Easily add or change your video via Micro USB cable (included). 

Use as a standalone video player or add your video to...

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Easy to upload video. Quick & Long-Lasting Charge.

Videos are updated via micro USB which comes with each Instavizion purchase. Plug right into your PC and place your MP4 or AVI file into the folder. 

A Word From the Founder | Devin Herz

“ There is so much noise in the world and my clients needed a way to break through to their prospects, so we created InstaVizion to integrate video right into your marketing collateral. With over 20+ years in marketing, the results are astonishing! Try it and see for yourself. ”

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More Testimonials

We added InstaVizion to our direct mail and received a huge increase in response rates. Plus when we followed up with phone calls, they knew exaclty who we were.

Eric Shaffer

By having video tied into our leave behind materials our close rates immediately increased. It differentiated us from our competion and made us memorable.

Jason Rossi

Without our personalized Video Brochures, we would not have had such great success in our company. Then it allowed me to win the GKIC marketer of the year!

James Nicholas

Grab 'Em by the Eyeballs

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