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Holiday Video Card Mailer + FREE Mailer Box!

Holiday Video Card Mailer + FREE Mailer Box!

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SAVE $10 Per Piece - Holiday Video Card Sale!

The ideal solution to distinguish your brand from the competition. Make a lasting impression that brings joy to your audience during this festive season! Secure your order today.🎅

Each video card features:

  • 9" x 6" Video Card
  • Vivid 7" HD IPS Screen
  • Matte Black
  • Gold Foil "Happy Holidays" Imprint
  • Easy to Load Your Videos
  • 512 MB Hard Drive
  • 15-20 Minutes of Video
  • Auto-Plays when Opened
  • Plays Multiple Videos
  • Volume Control
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Imprinted Mailer Box!

    Experience the power of putting video directly into your audience's hands with InstaVizion's Holiday Video Cards!


    Devin  A Word From the Founder | Devin Herz

    “ There is so much noise in the world and my clients needed a way to break through to their prospects, so we created InstaVizion to integrate video right into your marketing collateral. With over 20+ years in marketing, the results are astonishing! Try it and experience the power for yourself. ”

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