Holiday Video Greeting Card

$49.00 $59.00

Holiday Video Greeting Card Mailer | 7" HD Video Screen | Gold Foil | Easily Upload Videos | FREE Mailer Box! | Free Shipping!

SAVE $10 Per Piece - Holiday Video Card Sale!

Looking for way to send your Holiday Cheer and make a memorable impact this festive season. Bring joy to your audience and secure your order today. 🎅

Each video card features:

  • Video Brochure Greeting Card Mailer

  • Gold Foil Imprinted with Happy Holidays

  • Size: 9” x 6”

  • Screen Size: 7” IPS

  • Button Features: Play/Pause, Forward & Back with Volume Controls
    File Storage of 512MB


  1. Black Mailer Box
  2. USB Charge Cord
  3. Instruction Card
  4. Video File Information: Upload up to 512MB of your MP4 Files, 1280 x 720

Experience the power of putting video directly into your audience's hands with InstaVizion Holiday Video Cards!

A Word From the Founders | Jen & Devin Herz

"In a world filled with noise, our clients demanded a breakthrough. That’s why we created InstaVizion—to seamlessly integrate video into your marketing collateral. With three decades of marketing expertise, the results have been nothing short of astonishing! Try it for yourself and unleash the true power of InstaVizion."

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