Are you looking for new technology to make your brand stand out among your industry peers? As technology continues to evolve, your marketing strategy should too, and it should certainly include digital technology.  Consider LCD video cards (commonly referred to as "video brochures"); They help you connect with your potential customer in a completely different way. Below we'll discuss the details of the technology and why they're the latest marketing trend.

Ranging in size from business cards to postcards, to brochures, to larger presentation boxes, LCD video cards have captured the attention of business owners across various industries, B2B marketers, advertising agencies, and others who have something valuable to share with the world!

These LCD cards are comprised of a liquid crystal display, which is embedded in a special, high-quality printed pamphlet, (soft or hardcover). No wires, network, or security issues – All users have to do is to open it and the marketing message begins to play. Submerged video files are unseen and located within the promotional piece. Videos are updated via micro USB which comes with each InstAVizion purchase. Plug into your PC and place your MP4 or AVI file into the video product. It's easy to customize and update the content at any time.

Their ability to deliver a unique experience often leads to more sales opportunities. They're also beneficial for those companies focused on building relationships throughout the sales process. But how do you ensure that your target audience is going to look at YOUR videos?

We can probably all agree, competition is fiercer in today's digital world compared to even just a few years ago. You have to make your potential customers remember you and customizable LCD video cards will do just that. However, make sure the actual video content is customized to each lead you target.

Research shows that decision makers respond better when provided a video technology marketing item compared to other mediums and forms of communication. You can use LCD video products alone, or you could supplement your traditional marketing material for a complete package! Either way, your video content will steal the show!

Designed with your specific customer or target audience in mind, InstAVizion video cards can again be updated at any time, making them a solid investment.  Discover more by scheduling a call with us today!