Memories Last a Lifetime Video & Photo Book

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Preserve Your Precious Moments: Introducing the Memories Last a Lifetime Video Book

Unlock a new dimension of memories with our extraordinary Memories Last a Lifetime Video Book. This unique keepsake seamlessly blends the tactile joy of a physical book with the magic of video and sound. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

  1. Captivating Display:

    • Imagine opening the cover and being greeted by a vibrant 7" video screen. Your memories come alive—whether it’s your child’s first steps, a romantic getaway, or a heartfelt wedding speech.
    • Imprinted with silver foil text "Memories That Last a Lifetime" on cover for a luxurious feel, this on-demand solution elevates your treasured moments. 
  2. Easy Uploads:

    • Loading your videos and photos is a breeze. No tech hurdles or complicated processes. Just connect via USB, and effortlessly upload up to 1 GB of your cherished moments to become part of the book’s narrative.

  3. Perfect for Every Occasion:

    • Lifelong Memories: Preserve family stories, milestones, and generational legacies.
    • Vacation Reminiscence: Relive travel adventures, sunsets, and laughter-filled days.
    • Corporate Events: Impress clients, commemorate achievements, and showcase your brand.
    • Weddings and Anniversaries: Gift love stories that play at your fingertips.

  4. Instant Access:

    • No need for screens or websites. Open the cover, and your memories unfold—right in your hands.

The minimum order is just one player, allowing you to seamlessly upload multiple videos and craft a captivating photo gallery. 

Hardcover Video Book Specs:

  • Size: 9” x 6”
  • Screen Size: 7” IPS
  • Button Features: Play/Pause, Forward & Back with Volume Controls
  • Button: Photo Gallery – add any information you have here, Devin


  1. Black Mailer Box
  2. USB Charge Cord
  3. Instruction Card.
  4. Video File Information: Upload up to 1GB of your MP4 Files, 1280 x 720