There's no doubt that video has made its presence known in the world of marketing over the last decade. Video marketing is a great way to produce content that is effective in every way, having a significant influence on your targeted audience.

Video Brochures exist as a simple "open and play" operation, that has the technology components built-in to produce sophisticated, attention-grabbing content. The ability to uniquely customize the Video Brochures repeatedly makes it preferable over print-only brochures.

In this blog, we have compiled three great uses for promotional Video Brochures for your businesses.

  • Direct Marketing to Prospects & New Customers- Capture your potential customers' attention by including the interesting details of your company's product or service. Be sure to particularly highlight those features your competitors DON'T offer. You can create more than one video for different target audiences, keeping the content unique and relevant. For new customers, take this opportunity to explain your company's journey, mission and supply an overview of your product and service offerings.
  • Employee Training - Video Brochures are becoming increasingly popular for employee training purposes. They're ideal for growing companies who want to convey the operations of the company in a resourceful way. It saves time, money, and expenses. Think about the reduction in travel costs, for one. 
  • Update Existing Customers - There may be times you want to update your existing customers about new products or services, important announcements, and special promotions or sales. That's where Video Brochures shine. It makes your long-time customers feel remembered and appreciated, and that they play an important role in your company's success.

Video Brochures are the ultimate way to reach your target audience because you're presenting an unforgettable and impressive communication experience. Are Video Brochures missing from your marketing strategy? Tell us your marketing ideas and we'll help incorporate them into a Video Brochure suited for your needs.