Creative marketing strategies have propelled many large companies to their heights. Your competitors are increasing their sales rate, so you should focus on something unique. Marketing in today's world is not as difficult as you think.

While making a sale, starting a business, or simply doing some networking, a video business card is mission critical in establishing your presence as a professional.

If you have time to meet people face-to-face frequently, there’s a business card upgrade for that. Advances in LCD screens have made it economically viable to build actual videos into your marketing strategies. Companies like InstaVizion can create card-sized brochures with screens embedded to play your video. No wires, no Wi-Fi, no equipment is needed at all! You can use this video to show & tell your company's information and visuals which you can’t convey on a 2-D business card or brochure.

Before we further reveal the exact formula to achieve your required goal, let’s make sure you understand the reason for this formula so that you know how to use it exactly. We are describing 4 steps that represent 4 drivers of any company:

  1. WHO: The first one is the easiest step. It's just the WHO. What's the name of the business and what's the title.
  2. WHY: A lot of people think this is a waste of time, but you should convey why are you even doing this business to your potential customer. If you connect with them on the WHY level it means you are connecting with their exact purpose.
  3. HOW: Next one is how to get them attracted to your business. Make your card classy and simple so that they do not throw it in garbage after your exit
  4. When: Last and the most important step is what is the perfect time to meet them so they watch your journey through video with no hurry.

Do you get stuck making sales calls and getting no result in return? We at InstaVizion don’t just replace sales calls – we streamline and upgrade the experience of a sales call with our video business cards.