What Are The Components of Video Brochure?

What Are The Components of Video Brochure?

The term ‘video brochures’ scratches the surface of what can be achieved within this powerful medium. A video brochure is surely a game-changer that delivers a level of creativity and flexibility through the way we connect with audiences. It will unquestionably make a strong impact on your target audience.

When you mail a video brochure to your potential client, it will help to increase your response rates. After opening it,a short video clip related to your products/services will start to play. Hence, it will give a strong understanding of what your business provides.

Instavizion works to ensure each product is made with the highest quality technology. Below are some of the components:

  • Vibrant Printed Brochures: Our video brochures include all of the information that your audience wants to know. You can choose any colors, logos, designs or fonts. The printing will be clear and defined including the video quality which will be just as bright and vibrant.
  • Customizable Sizing: We have an assortment of sizes with different dimensions and sizing as per your needs.
  • Volume Controls: Our video brochures also have video controls. It has a button to control the volume, and to pause/play the video. You can easily control the way they hear and see it.
  • Ensure Your Unit is Rechargeable: An important component of our video brochures is the ability to recharge them. If your customer found your brochure helpful, they can keep it and come back to it whenever they would like. With a cord and a place to plug it in, your message will forever be able to be heard and watched.

We feature:

  • High-resolution LCD video screen
  • Customized screen 
  • Lithium Battery (Leak and Damage proof)
  • Customized Memory 
  • Board Size 
  • Customized Board Cover (Hard/ Soft)
  • Multiple buttons
Video brochure manufacturing, printing,and packing is a complicated process that can be made a lot less so by working with industry leaders. Instavizion does not compromise at any stage of that process ensuring the video brochures you receive continue to set the industry standard for quality control. Contact us today to learn more!
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