Can a Digital Video Business Card Help Your Sales?

Can a Digital Video Business Card Help Your Sales?


We are living in an era, where everything is going digital with a greater slope. There are a number of technology upgrades in the last few years. To name a few you can look at Video Brochures, Digital Business Cards, and a lot more.

Digital Business Cards helps you to share with people who you actually are and what your business does. No, it’s not literally a business card that has a built-in LCD screen, it's the narrative of your organization in a short video that can be given to possible clients!

Now the question arises is why your business needs a digital video business card? Let’s say you worked hard to meet 100 new potential clients in one year. As per the statistics, only 15 people are going to keep your simple printed business card. Now, out of these 15, only 5 people are likely to save your card details. Do you still think, this is a good option, making connections this way with a boring business card? Of course not….

It is really advantageous to use digital video business cards. Some of the worth mentionable advantages of using it are mentioned below:

  • You can show the real story and emotion behind your company’s success when meeting your potential client for the first time.
  • Our Digital Business Card supports video, audio, and various other branded graphics inside your card. As a result, you have a golden opportunity to grab a person’s attention easily.
  • These cards are very cost-effective, it will help you to save your money that you would have to spend on some other ordinary business cards.
  • You can personalize these video cards and change the video on the go.

Initially, a customer will be in awe when receiving your eye-catchy video business card. They will be even more enticed after seeing the screen light up with your personalized message! Your company will be remembered for your creativity and power of video effects. Clients will be intrigued to know what more you can do for them. Your potential clients will be eager to learn what benefits you can provide them. As a result, your sales will receive a huge rise up to 85%.

However, it is important to remember that it’s only made possible with the most reliable provider like InstaVizion that offers the best Digital Video Business Cards at an affordable price.

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