SeeThru Signage Transparent Display | 55"


Step into the future of signage with the 55-Inch Capacitive Touch Transparent Video Sign, a masterpiece of display technology crafted for the connoisseurs of luxury marketing. This is not just a display; it’s an experience that transforms any space into a modern gallery.

Key Features:

  • 55” OLED Display: A grand canvas with Full HD Resolution (1920 x 1080) that brings every detail to life.
  • 40% Light Transmissivity: Perfect balance of transparency and luminance, enhancing the visibility of your art without overshadowing it.
  • Capacitive Touch: Interactive touch capabilities invite viewers to engage with the artwork in a whole new way.
  • Floor Standing Design: An elegant, space-saving solution that integrates seamlessly into high-end art exhibitions.

Designed exclusively for the elite art world, ensures that each artwork is showcased with unparalleled clarity and color accuracy. Its unique display capabilities present each piece in its full glory, captivating viewers and elevating the overall exhibition experience.

Embrace the art of display with this exquisite OLED Display, and provide your audience with an unforgettable viewing experience that stands at the intersection of art and technology.

DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Shipping to be determined once order is received to allow us to provide you the best rates possible. Contact us if you would like an estimate before ordering.