Video content is exploding with popularity and constantly used by everyone; millennials, businesses, entrepreneurs, everyday people – even children. With an LCD video business card, you can successfully attract your ideal clients and customers.

What is a Video Business Card?

Video Business Cards are usually slim, stylish, contemporary, and very popular. It is very attractive and useful; you can use this innovative marketing idea to impress your clients. The video business card has conquered the marketing world and you can benefit from using them like many other large businesses. In fact, video business cards can be just what you need to take your business to the next level and attract your biggest client yet!

Benefits of Using LCD Video Business Cards

Instead of using traditional business cards, more and more people are using digitally enhanced LCD video card versions for better marketing. An LCD video business card can make an effective impact on your desired client, helping companies and businesses to become a huge brand. This is because you are able to place you personalized message directly in the hand of your client – and wow them in the process.

How Do LCD Video Business Cards Work?

LCD Video business cards are small brochures printed on glossy paper and personalized with information about the owner of the card. When your desired customer opens the card, a video plays and  brings life to the card which makes it a more attractive and powerful presentation.

This is accomplished by a magnet inside of the frame of the card that triggers the video to play. Depending on the size of your video business card, the battery can hold 60-80 minutes of playback time. Typically, videos are 30-60 seconds long, and memory within the video business cards can be upgraded to hold up to 4GB, which should be sufficient for longer videos.

For your client, an LCD business card can engage & attract in comparison to regular cards they often receive. One other huge advantage of video business cards is that they are not only useful as advertising material but also impressive souvenirs and novelties.

Are you ready to make the necessary changes to make your business card unique? You are guaranteed to be one step ahead of your competitors. The InstaVizion team is ready to surprise your customers with a unique video business card design! Contact us today to learn more.